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FinOps Certification

Become knowledgeable in FinOps and how it is applied to enhance business value from cloud spend.

What our FinOps course includes:

Gain FinOps expertise and learn how it can be applied to your company’s unique strategy and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in our 1-day interactive FinOps Practitioner training certified by The FinOps Foundation. Throughout the training session, students will participate in interactive group discussions with our certified FinOps instructors who can answer questions about their unique business requirements.

Participants will learn the key FinOps principles to become Certified FinOps Practitioners. They will take a deep dive into the capabilities of each of the FinOps Domains and the maturity levels of Walk, Crawl, and Run. By the end of the course, they will better understand and be able to define their own organizations’ FinOps next steps with key takeaways for prioritization.


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Anglepoint is proud to be a FinOps Foundation Certified Training Partner.

Why You Should Get a FinOps Certification:

The FinOps certification offered by Anglepoint extends beyond cost-saving measures, empowering individuals to drive substantial business value by aligning technology and finance teams and fostering a thriving cloud culture.

Anglepoint’s FinOps Certified Practitioner training equips participants with the expertise to optimize cloud investments and make data-driven decisions that benefit the entire organization. Through this training, professionals learn to identify and rectify potential cost inefficiencies, promote collaboration among teams, and encourage a culture of ownership regarding cloud usage.

Whether you’re a cloud architect, financial analyst, IT manager, or any other professional influencing cloud spend, a FinOps certification can significantly enhance your career trajectory and make you a vital asset to your organization. Geared towards individuals with a foundational understanding of cloud concepts, this certification facilitates the embedding of best practices, guiding organizations towards efficient and strategic cloud management.

Additional FinOps Certification Support Features:

Following the instructor-led course certified by The FinOps Foundation, candidates will have access to an additional 3 hours of virtual post-training support:

  • Providing access and guidance for the FinOps Certified Practitioner exam.
  • Assisting participants with exam registration and preparation.
  • Offering follow-up Q&A sessions or support via email/phone.

Upon successful completion of the training, students will be equipped with comprehensive resources to excel in the FinOps Practitioner exam. Each participant will receive vouchers for the final exam as part of the program. This FinOps training course is conducted exclusively with one organization at a time, with flexible on-site or virtual training options.