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SAM Technology Services

We’ll help you find the right tool for the job by documenting your requirements and finding matching solutions in the marketplace. We’ll even help you implement your chosen tool(s) better, faster, and more efficiently than tool vendors. We  combine  robust tool implementation capabilities with deep licensing expertise to deliver great ROI.

Software Asset Management Tool Services

We implement your preferred  software asset management tools better, faster, and more efficiently  than tool vendors. We combine  strong tool implementation capabilities with deep licensing expertise to deliver unmatched ROI.

SAM Tooling  Specialists

We specialize in all of the major SAM tools, including USU, ILMT BigFix, Eracent, Flexera, ServiceNow, and Snow. We provide tooling services; we are not a reseller. We maintain an agnostic position so we can give you  the best recommendations based on your unique needs.

Managed  Services

Time and money invested in a SAM Tool is wasted if you can’t produce the desired outcomes.  From supplementing an internal team to wholesale outsourcing, our expert managed services teams deliver every time.


Most license management tools fail to deliver because they are poorly  configured. We help you avoid  wasted time and unnecessary pain by helping you configure your tools correctly.

Publisher  Onboarding  & Reconciliation

Don’t assume  your SAM Tool will auto-magically reconcile your key publishers. Our onboarding teams have the deep publisher-specific licensing expertise needed to ensure that your purchases, entitlements, licenses, metrics, evidences, and titles are all accurately mapped, loaded, and reported.

Installation & Implementation

We don’t  just install bits, standing up servers, or rolling out agents. We make sure your tooling infrastructure is architected to perform at scale from the start. We also make sure your data design and strategy are set up for  maximum integrity and performance.

SAM Tool Evaluation & Selection

Choosing the right software asset management tool(s) to meet your specific needs can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Our  proven methodology helps you  quickly identify the best solutions for your needs. Our experience cuts through the clutter, holds  vendors accountable to their claims, and saves you time and money.

Tools We Specialize In

HCL BigFix

Our Methodology

1. Triage Requirements & Select Tools

SAM Tools alone can’t solve your problems. Implementing a tool without sound SAM processes and procedures results in automated chaos. We help you understand your exact SAM tool requirements, find matching capabilities in the SAM tool marketplace, and implement it all better, faster, and more efficiently.

2. Determine Integration & Flow

Conflicting data sources erode confidence, silo teams, and increase risk across the organization. We’ll help you set up an authoritative SAM data source so you can increase trust, foster collaboration, and make informed decisions.

3. Install, Configure, & Onboard

We walk you through the crucial steps of setting your SAM Program up for long term success. We help you prioritize tasks, work through key action items, and integrate and migrate data to serve as a single source of truth.

4. Run & Maintain Tools

User adoption is key to success of your SAM Tool. Proper data maintenance is key to user adoption. We set you up for success with regular health checks, data audits, integration reviews, and more.