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Software License Management

Anglepoint’s software license management services provide deep license management expertise with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, SAP, Salesforce, Symantec, Dell EMC, VMware, HPE, and many others to deliver unrivaled cost savings right to your bottom line.

Software License Management Services


Most SAM  solutions compare  inventory and purchasing data but miss  the detailed licensing rules required to measure true license entitlement and consumption. We use  a combination of proprietary scripts, data collection methodologies, and commercial tools to deliver a full inventory. Our experts then calculate consumption and compare against license entitlement to give you a truer picture.

Contract  Analysis

We have  extensive experience analyzing contracts, purchasing records and history, and software publisher-provided reports such as Microsoft MLS and IBM Passport Advantage (PPA) reports. Anglepoint Contract Analysis helps you  identify  big  risks and liabilities are and strengthen your position.

Negotiation  Support

Vendor contract negotiations can be stressful and sometimes contentious. We  help you negotiate from a position of knowledge and strength. 

  1. Passive – We can provide “behind the scenes” negotiation strategies, ghost-write components of responses, and draft recommended agreement language.
  2. Active – We can act as a third party to help broker a commercial resolution.

Risk  Assessment

Most companies don’t know where to start in managing their software environment in today’s complex landscape.  Anglepoint Risk Assessment delivers  prioritized, actionable steps to improve your situation no matter where you are in the journey. Our experts review your agreements, evaluate your publisher and product mix, and perform a detailed spend analysis.

Cloud  Readiness

Moving  to the cloud — where it’s public or private, hybrid or multi-cloud — can have far-reaching licensing impacts that most  IT practitioners miss. Anglepoint’s Cloud Readiness service analyzes your current IT situation, reviews licensing impacts, and provides actionable recommendations to maximize benefit and minimize risk.

License Optimization

Most companies spend way too much on software licenses compared to true internal demand for software services.  Our  Optimization Assessment covers every aspect of right-sizing, including license consolidation, infrastructure optimization, contract optimization, improving documentation, license transfer, or re-harvesting. Only Anglepoint’s licensing experts can help you with specialty topics unique to specific software publishers such as indirect access, partitioning, disaster recovery, virtualization, and product bundling.

Our Methodology

1. Gather & Normalize Data

Any successful software asset management program must track the deployment and consumption of your software assets. Anglepoint’s experts know exactly how to evaluate software inventory data and normalize it to produce actionable results.

2. Apply Licensing Rules

Fundamental to any SAM initiative is the ability to “count and count well.” Many solutions stop at comparing inventory and purchasing data but are unable to take into account the detailed licensing rules  required to measure true license entitlement and consumption.

3. Reconcile

Our software license management services are led by best-in-class subject matter experts calculating consumption and comparing against license entitlement to provide you with  true auditor-level accuracy of your  compliance positions.

4. Remediate & Optimize

Upon the completion of the Effective License Position, Anglepoint then will optimize software through remediation which puts you in a better position going forward.