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FinOps is a growing discipline that has become increasingly more important for organizations. One of the primary goals of FinOps is to optimize cloud costs and improve operational performance and business value.

This FinOps 101 Lightning Course is a guide to help you get started with cloud cost management.

We’re excited to share our FinOps 101 lightning course with you – your gateway to maximizing efficiency and value in cloud computing. Whether you’re in ITAM, finance, operations, engineering, or another function, this course is tailored to empower you with the knowledge and skills needed to start navigating the world of FinOps.

Topics covered in the FinOps 101 course:

1. Understanding FinOps: What is FinOps? Explore the core principles of FinOps and grasp the foundations that make FinOps a game-changer in today’s digital landscape.
2. Why FinOps Matters: Learn how FinOps ensures cost efficiency, promotes transparency, and fosters collaboration across teams, creating a synergy between financial objectives and operational excellence.
3. The FinOps Cycle: Learn how the FinOps cycle (Inform, Optimize, Operate) transforms cloud cost management into a dynamic and responsive process.
4. Challenges and Solutions: Address the common challenges organizations face when implementing FinOps and discover effective solutions.
5. The Future of FinOps: Peek into the crystal ball and explore the evolving landscape of FinOps – including some big developments on the horizon.
6. The Convergence of FinOps and ITAM: Witness the synergy between FinOps and IT Asset Management (ITAM). Understand how the convergence of these disciplines creates a powerful framework for holistic financial control and governance.

Join us on this FinOps journey and transform the way you manage cloud finances. Enroll now to unlock a future where financial excellence meets operational efficiency in the cloud!

Explore the FinOps landscape with Anglepoint’s expert insights:

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