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Healthcare Company Saves Millions While Navigating IBM Audit

(December 2021)

ITAM teams can use this case study to understand options for negotiating audits and building out long-term SAM governance programs.

Company Profile

  • Industry: Healthcare
  • Size: 25,000 — 50,000 Users
  • Revenue: 50B — 100B USD 
  • Region: North America
  • Market: Global 2000/Fortune 500
Total Cost Analysis:
In cost avoidance & cost savings

The Challenge

An Unexpected IBM Audit

One of the larger struggles an organization can experience is being unable to measure software license consumption. This scenario created an excruciating challenge when a Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals company was audited by IBM. 

The audit revealed extensive issues that the organization faced. The Software Asset Management (SAM) team quickly recognized the need for tool and publisher-specific assistance. That would aid in the completion of the initial audit AND would create a lasting practice of SAM governance as the company continued to navigate through growth, mergers, and acquisitions. 

The Solution

Hybrid Managed Service Approach

Anglepoint worked with the client to implement a three-pronged approach: 

  1. Develop a hybrid managed service within the organization allowing the client to avoid audit expenses. In this case, costs involved becoming compliant, and not being subject to larger audit fees.
  2. Deploy and configure SAM Tools giving the client greater visibility into their SAM estate and allowing access to stronger metrics.
  3. Establish a defined SAM program for managing key software publishers utilizing the ELEVATE software. Doing so created automation for many of the tasks and data analysis that would need to be completed manually. 

Despite company growth and various mergers and acquisitions, the company has maintained a strong SAM program with the principles applied through work with Anglepoint. The client is now able to maintain metric conversion and advisory guidance on managing communication with software vendors. The hybrid managed service evolved into the company joining the IBM Authorized SAM Provider (IASP). Learn more about IASP here.

The Impact

Millions in Cost Savings and Avoidance

In the first year with Anglepoint, the client reduced risk by $1.9 million and saw cost savings of over $8 million with cost avoidance greater than $4 million.

Despite company growth and various mergers and acquisitions, the company has maintained a strong SAM program with the principles applied through work with Anglepoint.

Exhibit 1:

Cumulative Cost Savings Breakdown


“I’ve worked with Anglepoint for 8 or more years, with them in my work life. I have gained knowledge and experience I wouldn’t have gotten because there was no one in my company to give the knowledge and the know-how. My successful working career is in a large part due to their ability to support my job responsibilities. I like to refer to Anglepoint as my bench of pros. I call on them whenever I can’t figure out how to solve the issues I’m dealing with at the time. They have more resources to draw upon and help me get to a satisfied resolution to issue.”

– Karen J., IT Asset Manager

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