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Global Development Bank Launches Strategic ITAM Service with Anglepoint

(February 2023)

Company Profile

  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Size: 10,000 – 25,000 employees
  • Revenue: 10B – 25B USD
  • Region: Worldwide
  • Market: Mid-Market
Executive roadmap created


This Anglepoint client is a development banking group made up of five organizations providing loans to developing countries. Their influence and ability to collaborate effectively across the five organizations has powered the value they have provided globally to help in these developing countries.  They wanted to bring those same capabilities into cross-functional teams to strengthen and mature their ITAM service within their organization and fortify their financial stability and reputation.

The structure of the group presented a number of challenges that prevented them from delivering quality services to their customers and stakeholders.  They needed a structured ITAM program and ongoing support to deliver this governance across their complex organization efficiently and effectively and they recognized this level of experience did not exist within the internal team. They engaged with Anglepoint’s team, recognizing that their skill sets coupled with the ITAM Program Transformation Service they had developed was the right solution.  

The Challenge

Siloed, decentralized system leading to inaccurate data

The five organizations in this group employ a team of more than 10,000 globally on every continent.  ITAM data was decentralized and siloed with no established process to combine the data from these multiple and global data sources into one single-pane view to provide visibility of the organizations entire IT estate. The data they had was incomplete and inaccurate. The incumbent tools were not integrated or aligned to facilitate the effective management of their software and cloud assets.

This lack of accurate centralized ITAM data was creating issues that were leading to inefficiencies – tasks such as license re-harvesting were manual and laborious. In this organization’s case this led to the inability to manage software licenses and usage, increased risks of non-compliance and audit failure, increasing IT spend from purchasing unnecessary licenses and paying penalties for license violations. 

The organization needed a strategy in place to draw up and plan a road map for SAM and define the roles and responsibilities.  With no first-hand experience on the team in designing such a program, with the efficiency and efficacy required, they needed expert support. To deliver a robust SAM service, the program needed to engage and involve all stakeholders across the five organizations in the process to leverage the influence and collaboration that has been paramount in providing the invaluable services they offer to growing countries.


The Solution

A comprehensive ITAM Program Transformation

Having explored Anglepoint’s ITAM Program Transformation service, it was clear to this client that the methodology outlined was the exact fit for them as it was completely aligned to their way of working. Through a four-step process – assessment, design, implementation, and review; Anglepoint’s service defined a clear road map and roll out for the new SAM service. This would be accelerated by the organizations influence and the ability to collaborate – already a strong company value.

Anglepoint engaged in a workshop and set the narrative with some critical areas of interest. The agenda addressed each of the key challenges and the desired outcomes.  Data coverage analysis would be undertaken to arm the SAM team with actionable intelligence, this would then drive the visibility into critical spend from Publisher Prioritization helping shift tactical mindset to strategic alignment. Tooling alignment and a process framework would be outlined to integrate and automate with business outcomes. Finally, communication and awareness of the SAM team’s capabilities and strategic collaboration would drive the successful implementation of the SAM service.

A detailed three year calendar rollout of achievable steps towards program maturity was defined with the ongoing support and expertise from Anglepoint’s team.

You can see our guide to carrying out your own ITAM program transformation in this ebook.


Implementing a three-year executive roadmap

This organization is now enthusiastically following the four stages of the ITAM Program Transformation – assessment, design, implementation, and review to move towards SAM program maturity.

Additionally, they are looking to adapt core processes for increased agility to expand their current SAM service capabilities to include SaaS management.

They are utilizing a 3-year executive roadmap to continuously drive organizational value and position themselves as trusted advisors to the business.

The lack of accurate, centralized ITAM data was creating issues that were leading to inefficiencies – tasks such as license re-harvesting were manual and laborious.

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