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The face of ITAM is changing and there are more women making their mark in this field than ever. But while we are beginning to reach parity in representation with men, women continue to face distinct challenges when it comes to climbing the career ladder.

“Don’t underestimate yourself, create strong relationships, and go for what you want. We, women, need to be more confident in blowing our own trumpets.”

In this episode, we hear from four incredible women as they share their personal stories, advice, and encouragement for women to embrace their unique perspectives in this field.

Podcast Panelists:

  • Panelists’ personal backgrounds and career paths
  • The specific challenges and opportunities they’ve faced
  • Advice to other women on how to navigate pitfalls
  • The nuances of how women communicate and value themselves
  • Opportunities for women in the ITAM/tech fields
  • How women in ITAM can help and support one another

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