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Management is all about People, Process, & Technology.

Defined as the personnel (dedicated or not) and associated roles involved IT & Software Asset Management (ITAM/SAM).

Defined as the activities and workflows developed to implement policy and facilitate ITAM/SAM strategy.

Defined as the software, tools, or systems leveraged to drive automation, scalability, and repeatability.



People & Process, No/Poorly Used or Implemented Technology: This is a SAM program that lacks scalability and efficiency. Without the tools, it’s impossible to cover the entire enterprise efficiently. Your people could easily become quickly burnt out.

People & Technology, No/Poorly Executed Process: This is a SAM program that lacks consistency and structure. As a one-off project or approach, this could potentially be very effective, but SAM is not a one-off project. Not having processes or not executing them well results in a very inconsistent SAM program and it’s virtually impossible to reap long-term benefits from an inconsistent program.

Process & Technology, Without the Right People: This is a SAM program that lacks strategy and adaptability. The people component is essential because every SAM program needs the ability to adapt, which is something that only people can direct.

People, Process, & Technology: This is SAM nirvana – a sustainable, scalable, and consistent program.

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