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The technologies utilized in business are an ever-moving target when pursuing competitive advantage. As technology evolves, so does the way it’s managed. With the shift from on-prem to the cloud, software sprawl or decentralization within organizations is more rampant than ever. In this episode, long-time SaaS expert Lance Giles can empathize with teams and departments who are simply seeking solutions to make their work more productive. However, there are constructive ways to manage the wild, wild west of the www. 

SaaS providers have intentionally made software solutions easier for businesses to purchase. With a few clicks and a credit card, a company’s spending can unintentionally skyrocket—something Lance feels is more disconcerting than an audit. Regardless of industry pivots, the overarching goal of an IT Asset Manager is the same: pay for what you use. 

We discuss: 

  • Core philosophies and strategies for managing SaaS 
  • Managing risk on both sides of the ledger 
  • Shifting your mindset from deployment to finance 
  • Normalizing the raw spend details to have visibility  
  • Building relationships that drive business outcomes 
  • Quantifying assets to simplify decision making

If you’re interested in learning more about Lance and his SaaS management experience, connect with him on LinkedIn or email him directly at [email protected]. 

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