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Hosts: Kris Johnson, Anglepoint Chief Product Officer; Chris Hayes, Anglepoint Senior Lead Consultant

Speakers: James Broomhead, DXC Technology ServiceNow Global Practise Manager; Tomi Rekonen, DXC Technology Head of Architecture

In this episode, we discuss the crucial role of the CMDB for your software asset management (SAM) program, especially as it relates to implementing ServiceNow SAM Pro. Our guests from DXC Technology help listeners understand better the most important questions they should be asking and how to prepare for that implementation.

A few of the points covered include:

  • The importance of good data governance. How consistent data gives the business confidence and enables better decision making.
  • How software asset management managers should be working collaboratively with CMDB owners and how they can help each other accomplish their objectives.
  • How organizations can implement and configure SAM Pro in a way that maximizes value.
  • CMDB best practices and lessons learned from lived experiences
  • Explore the characteristics of an immature CMDB and how to optimize data
  • And much more.

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