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If slippery shadow SaaS is keeping you up at night these days, you’re not alone. The last two years have brought a tremendous increase in software as a service options. But when it comes to managing these subscription licenses, most organizations are left scrambling just to understand what they own. With SaaS providers pushing the responsibility of subscription management onto the buyer, this space offers both challenges and a unique opportunity for visibility for SAM teams.

In this episode, Anglepoint’s Chris Hayes, SAM Program Design Manager, is speaking with Jim Hussey, SaaS Optimization expert @NPI & author, about the rapidly developing landscape of SaaS today and the ways organizations are innovating to integrate it into their broader asset management strategies.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Common misconceptions about SaaS trends
  • Leveraging SaaS to get buy-in for a larger SAM strategy
  • Ideal roadmaps for effectively tackling SaaS
  • Common key stakeholders (and how to influence them)
  • Going beyond visibility in SaaS
  • The challenges of data governance
  • The future of managed service when it comes to SaaS

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