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Retail ITAM Case Study: Driving Strategic Outcomes

(June 2024)

Company Profile

  • Industry: Retail
  • Size: 30-50k employees
  • Revenue: $5-10B
  • Region: Global
  • Market: Mid-Market
return on investment


This US retailer has been working with Anglepoint since 2019 to drive ITAM maturity across the organization. The organization started up in 2018 and, with no ITAM team or program, a costly IBM audit demonstrated how crucial a robust ITAM program would be. When the audit landed, it put the business and employee’s jobs at risk, and they knew they would need to engage with Software Asset Management consultants.

The CIO prioritized establishing a retail ITAM program, and the goal of never having another audit like IBM again. The decision was taken to engage one of the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ leaders, Anglepoint, to help them transform their ITAM program. The result was a 300% ROI, saving over $30M over 4 years.

The Challenge

Initially, the client struggled to show how an ITAM team would support companywide strategic goals. There weren’t enough advocates in the organization familiar with retail ITAM to articulate this message, meaning that the leadership team didn’t fully understand the value an ITAM function would bring to the organization.


Although the client had ServiceNow, there were limited documented ITAM processes and experts to drive this program to a higher level of maturity. There was a culture of discomfort with change within this organization and, although they understood the impact of the challenges, they struggled to visualize a solution. The CIO made implementing a program and avoiding any more costly software audits a priority strategic goals, and tasked the IT department with finding a solution. They knew they needed to engage with an experienced service provider who could bring retail ITAM best practices and guidance into the organization. Having achieved a leader position in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for SAM Managed Services, Anglepoint was the partner of choice.


The journey would involve workshopping, training, defining processes, configuring tools, ELPs, and program design, and the organization committed to the change and began work.

The Solution

Anglepoint deployed their ITAM Program Transformation team’s expertise as well as assigning a Client Success Manager. At the beginning of the engagement, there was a focus on publisher prioritization with major software vendors, assessments of current ITAM processes, and the implementation of SAM Pro. This would ensure immediate risks could be identified and remediated.


Anglepoint carried out an initial workshop that would outline requirements for the program, roles and responsibilities, and a road map. Anglepoint worked with the various stakeholders to understand the organization’s priorities and how the ITAM team could help support those goals. Anglepoint also discussed having a stretch goal to help ensure that the organization’s Vice President is staying ahead of future priorities.


The program was initiated in December 2021 including defining the ITAM Steering committee, SAM policies, strategy, software catalog process, and design and contract negotiation support. The organization was moving quickly into a far more proactive position of managing software renewals and audits more effectively and optimizing its IT estate.


This work was followed with various SAM and ITAM training and continuous improvements to their tooling with health checks and assessments, which ensured that they leveraged the capabilities of ServiceNow. They were following the ISO 19770-1 Deming cycle of ‘Plan, Do, Check, Act’ and the results were becoming clear.


Anglepoint provided the client with an ITAM framework to help show how the different teams can support the organization’s priorities. The VP was able to use this visual aid when communicating the program back to the CIO.


Anglepoint has a clear understanding of the client’s key priorities, and our Client Success Manager works closely with our delivery SME to ensure they can support organization goals with Anglepoint deliverables.


Through this process of building out a robust ITAM Program, the client has saved over $30M in cost savings and a 300% ROI over the four years.


A four-year ITAM Program Transformation plan is now established, and the road map has been laid out by the client’s team with the support of Anglepoint, taking into consideration the client’s maturity and robust plans to help them continue to grow.

The CIO made implementing a program and avoiding any more costly software audits a priority strategic goal and tasked the IT department with finding a solution.

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