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Here at Anglepoint, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our core values: Client Success is Paramount, Relationships Matter, Focus, Keep Commitments, Candor, Selflessness, Lead the Evolution, and Love What We Do.

Each quarter we nominate colleagues who have exemplified one or more of those values and pick four winners who went above and beyond in embracing our culture. The list below showcases our winners from 2021 and the positive impact they had on the people around them.

Q4 2021 Winners

Congrats to our Q4 Value Award winners: Pooja Singh, Will Harding, Will Day, and Kevin Rieske.

Pooja Singh

“Pooja never stops, never gives up and will always go above and beyond. I can always count on Pooja to answer a group email that no one has replied to, to do the research that others might find too hard or time consuming. No matter what, she always finds a way to support the team and ensure that Anglepoint delivers.”

Will Harding
Love What We Do

“Will supports me and other new colleagues to master the onboarding professionally. Yet he himself has only been with the company for a short time and has his own tasks to manage. Will always has a sympathetic ear and supports me in finding my way in the Anglepoint world. In doing so, Will is very goal-oriented and structured, while not neglecting the human side.“

Will Day

“Will Day is a great colleague and phenomenal Anglepoint employee! He takes an interest in others and is willing and eager to provide assistance, tips and instruction where appropriate. He is professional and thorough in his work while selflessly assisting others around him.”

Kevin Rieske
Client Success is Paramount

“Kevin worked tirelessly with the client executive team to train them on how to deal with IBM during an audit and teaching them all about IBM licensing. Fantastic achievement and very much appreciated.”

Q3 2021 Winners

Congrats to our Q3 winners: Brittany Coon, Joey Wilkes, Damon Lillitos, and Pratheek Purushotam.

Brittany Coon
Lead the Evolution

“When Brittany moved over to the Specialty Licensing team she knew there were aspects of the role that would be new to her. However, over the last year she has continuously risen to meet every challenge. I’m so impressed, she pushed herself far outside of her comfort zone & she has dominated.”

Joey Wilkes

“I had a project that required a lot of manual work. I knew that Joey had good python skills, so I asked for his advice on automating this manual data entry process. After a day or two, he wrote the code that works which saved me a lot of hours (40+ hours)! Although, this automation process is not complete, it did save me a lot of time and I really appreciate his proactiveness.”

Damon Lillitos
Client Success is Paramount

“One organization has been a long-time client of Anglepoint’s and last year we were finally able to move them from single point in time projects to a managed service. Since the managed service involved several work streams, an engagement manager was a requirement for success. Damon graciously accepted the challenge of running point as an Engagement Manager. He had never done that before, but he jumped in with both feet and quickly became a critical link and an invaluable resource to both the client and Anglepoint. I rely on his tenacity, his attention to detail and his unwavering commitment to our customers. Our collective hard work has not only allowed us to be part of an executive session, but it has opened doors for further opportunities for Anglepoint to offer additional services to this client. Thank you, Damon!”

Pratheek Purushotam
Keep Commitments

“The reason I am nominating him is for a specific client. We started the project with two resources (me and another IBM resource) in July 2021 and we were to complete the IBM ELP by September. The first quarter is always the hardest and the most time consuming since we are understanding their environment, analyzing the tool data the first time. The other resource working on the project fell sick and there was extreme pressure on me to complete the reports within the stipulated deadline. I asked couple of other resources in the IBM team to help me, Pratheek Purushotam stepped up and not only help me in the project but also owned a considerable portion of the project. He put in extra hours to make sure the deadline is met and also in a span of couple weeks established a great rapport with the client. It’s not even been an year since Pratheek has joined Anglepoint and he has coped up with managing multiple projects and helping others in their projects. He also had quarterly commitments, however we made sure the reports were completed in due time. I have requested Shaun to keep Pratheek on this project as he has become a major part of the project.”

Q2 2021 Winners

Congrats to our Q2 winners: Amber Ostler, Bryce LeFevre, Levi Thorpe, and Paolo Gagliardi.

Amber Ostler
Lead the Evolution

“As a new hire Amber has jumped in to help the tooling team. She has even provided ways to help optimize the Discovery Health Check deliverables. I am impressed with her ability to provide such amazing feedback to help us grow our deliverable values.

Amber has jumped in to trainings of ServiceNow with both feet and is making huge progress. She has also taken a number of roles to help with data quality and data checks through automation.”

Bryce LeFevre

“I understand it was part of his job to help with onboarding and training, but he has really gone above and beyond for the three of us IBM interns. Every day, doesn’t hesitate to answer our questions, reach out with training, and offer work for us to shadow. He has taken countless hours in the last month to review the work I do and offer training where necessary. He doesn’t stop there. He constantly checks in on us, sets up weekly appointments to see how we’re doing, and will work past hours to make sure we feel confident. He has been so selfless with the use of his time. I know he’s extremely busy with client work, but even on those days he’s bogged down, he let’s us know and sets up a time to help us. Bryce is just the best! He’s made me feel much more confident working here and I appreciate the heck out of him!”

Levi Thorpe
Love What We Do

“Levi is always willing to help out in any way we can. With the growth of the development team, I’ve found myself delegating a lot of activities that I would normally handle myself. Without exception, Levi has been ready and willing to help on everything from direct feature implementation to creative design and team management. In Q2, Levi was of particular help during the Meeting Minutes feature, which was partially a team shakedown exercise due to rapid growth. Levi deftly took over a major aspect of the project management and development, both coordinating other team members and producing code for the final product. That he did this as an intern was no small feat, but I knew he was ready for it because of his countless hours of dedication and problem solving leading up to it.”

Paolo Gagliardi
Client Success is Paramount

“Paolo has led the way to ensure that our work and the analysis that we create reach all of the client’s stakeholders, even if they have not been involved in the engagement previously. His effort connected the Anglepoint delivery team with new resources that provided information to help drive the action items of the engagement and push past previous stopping points.

I have seen Paolo jump in on various occasions and send emails and follow-ups to clients to ensure that they are achieving success with the information we provide them.”

Q1 2021 Winners

Congrats to our Q1 winners: Dean Russell, Jon Dunn, Mackenzie Davis, and Simon Pletschacher.

Dean Russell
Client Success is Paramount

“Dean has delivered with flying colors on a very high-profile, short-timeframe, and first-of-it’s-kind “Microsoft Contract Negotiation Support” project.  Him and his team have worked extremely long hours for weeks to make this project a success.  The client is very pleased with the work, all while they laid a foundation for this newer service line and methodology that will pay dividends for Anglepoint for many years to come.  Not to mention, he has been on other large and strategic products making time management a challenge.”

Jon Dunn

“Jon Dunn exemplifies the Anglepoint value of focus. In the just over a year that Jon’s been with us, our meetings set through inbound marketing efforts per month has sky-rocketed. Additionally, Jon’s focus has shown that he has a great capacity to learn and develop new skills as well as continually refine what he already excels at. It’s a pleasure to work closely with Jon and be able to communicate with him on an almost daily basis. Jon is a great asset to the Anglepoint family.”

Mackenzie Davis
Love What We Do

“Mackenzie has been at Anglepoint less than a year and is already a critical member of the Finance Ops team. She jumped in with both feet and is the go to person on project creation, forecast updates, expense tracking through Brex, and many other items. Specifically I want to call out that while still not here a year yet, she is working on the Project 366 initiative to improve our onboarding processes for new employees and because of her doctorate coursework, she is also helping us improve our approach to surveys and the resulting data  so that the gathered intelligence is clear and actionable.”

Simon Pletschacher
Relationships Matter

“Simon delivers great value to clients and builds strong relationships from Top Level Management to IT Admins. Simon is very motivated. He also has extensive knowledge of many software publishers and is able to provide comprehensive advice to our customers based on this. He does this in a very pleasant and courteous manner. All clients are very satisfied with Simon’s performance and the successes based on it for their company and trust him extensively. Therefore, Simon’s relationship management in particular should be highlighted.”